Mysteries of Genesis

Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis

Did you evolve?

Did everything just happen?

Is there a reason for anything, or is it random chance?

Join us Wednesday nights at 7pm as we delve into Genesis, and the bottom line of the focus is what really matters, why, and Who is behind us?

Backyard BBQ-ppt 14chPIC

There WILL be food and church family this summer.

Is your mouth watering?! C’mon down to Heritage Park in Rancho, or contact the church office for more info on picnics or the Backyard BBQs.



Find out what’s happening in

Children’s Church Ministries

Review what your child is learning on Sunday mornings in Children’s Church; Know what’s to come next week; and get resources to help you train your child in the Big God Story!



Who are we at RCC?

We are a family! We worship together, we walk together, bar-b-que together, and go to the nations together.

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