About Us

Our vision is to see people come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, to grow in their understanding of who God has called them to be, and to learn to walk in spiritual freedom.

How do we walk out this vision?

David Cunningham

Pastors David and Vivian Cunningham

We meet together on Sunday morning and Wednesday evenings as regularly scheduled services. At these gatherings we worship God via songs directed by our worship team. We subscribe to the biblical pattern of worship; that it is not a passive activity but an aggressive one. We are convinced that everyone should be encouraged to take an active part. We hold that worship invites the presence of God. We sing, clap hands, lift our hands and generally participate in the directives issued by the pastor and worship team. We provide childcare at our services.

We also have an excellent Sunday School program for children. The Sunday School runs concurrently with the teaching portion of the services.

We provide opportunities for youth to be an active part. Our group activities are excellent. We have small group meetings, known as Home Groups, where individuals can enjoy more personal contact and pray and share together. We have a world vision, which includes seeing new churches established nationally and internationally. We have relational affiliates in the United States and abroad including, Mexico, Guatemala, Romania, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Uganda, & Ghana.  For more on our international partnerships, visit us at www.RanchoInternationalMinistries.org