Accident or Plan?

What can we believe? How do I know the truth? Are we just creatures that arose from the muck in a primordial coincidence, or is there a creator behind it all? How can there be a good God if bad things happen? Why does this matter, and even though I don’t think these topics make a difference in my daily life, why do I wonder about them deep inside?

Everyone is searching for the reasons¬†for living life- why do things happen, or why did a bad thing occur; why am I here, what is my purpose, why can’t I feel really happy just doing what I want/like, how can I find love or meaning…what is this all about???

Rest assured, there are answers to the questions we all ask, and many of the answers are found when we start at the beginning–our beginning, as God recorded the creation of humankind and the world we live find ourselves, in the book of Genesis in His Word–“His-story”, the Bible. Yup, the answers start there, so if you’re searching, this could be a really good place to start.

Some online resources that may help answer questions or go deeper into topics for you or your family and friends include these web pages from our friends at Answers in Genesis:

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