2016 Prayer and Fasting

Prayer and Fasting- Special Focus January 6-13, 2016

Restoration    ~    Healing    ~     New Vision


Stand Together in Pursuit

This year as we walk in faith’s reward, I want to ask you to join us as we start the new year with a week of prayer and fasting beginning January 6th-13th. Scripture tells us that God will reward those who diligently seek Him. I believe that God wants to ignite a new fire in our life that leads us closer to Himself. Please join us in this week of prayer that I want to call “The Burning”. God called Moses aside to see something burning that changed his whole life as he began to let the fire of God’s passion and purpose burn in him. As a church, let’s come aside and prepare our hearts for a year of faith’s reward. Each night, except Sunday and Tuesday, we will meet at RCC at 7 pm to seek the Lord together. These nights will be filled with worship, prayer and vision for our time of fasting and the new year. As we gather together, you will have the opportunity to write on a piece of wood the areas you feel God is asking you to burn brighter in this year. On Tuesday, January 12th at 7 pm, we will be meeting in the courtyard at the home of the A family – see below for map.** They will have a fire going and at that time we’ll have a chance to put our wood on the fire and pray for all the things we would like to have burning in our hearts in 2016. Wednesday, January 13th @ 7 pm, we will meet at RCC for testimonies, worship and our final night of prayer. We look forward to seeing you being ignited by the fire of God as your faith springs into action.

** Map to Tuesday Evening Meeting (note- no parking on Archibald, so if you use Google maps, refer to these instructions for parking and entrance:)



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